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Ross attended the premiere of Disney Channel’s news original movie, “Bad Hair Day” starring his Austin and Ally co-star Laura Marano. Lynch and his other Austin and Ally co-stars, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy sported  bad hair and shirts that spelled out “Bad Hair Day” when standing next to each other. Photos have been added to the gallery.

A_GTTY_28229.jpg A_GTTY_281029.jpg C_GTTY_28229.jpg C_GTTY_28529.jpg C_GTTY.jpg

Written by Emily Thursday, February 12th, 2015 in appearances, Photos, Video with Comments Off on Bad Hair Day Premiere

R5 visited SiriusXM Hits 1’s The Morning Mash Up at the SiriusXM Studios on Monday (February 9) in Los Angeles, California. 11 high quality photos have been added to the photo gallery.

 Ross2BLynch2BMorning2BMash2BUp2BBroadcast2B2OtRQWOTw_mx.jpg Ross2BLynch2BMorning2BMash2BUp2BBroadcast2BeKpZrdA-X3Yx.jpg Ross2BLynch2BMorning2BMash2BUp2BBroadcast2B9U2_ZtVa3D4x.jpg Ross2BLynch2BMorning2BMash2BUp2BBroadcast2BRqnYz2bJj66x.jpg Ross2BLynch2BMorning2BMash2BUp2BBroadcast2BX5-xupMT75bx.jpg

Written by Emily Thursday, February 12th, 2015 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on SiriusXM Hits 1’s Morning Mash Up

R5 attends Red Carpet Radio, Backstage at the GRAMMYs presented by Westwood One during The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the Staples Center on February 6 in Los Angeles, California. Photos have been added to the photo gallery.

57GRAMMY_28backstage29_28129.jpg 57GRAMMY_28backstage29_28229.jpg 57GRAMMY_28backstage29_28329.jpg 57GRAMMY_28backstage29_28429.jpg

Written by Emily Saturday, February 7th, 2015 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on Red Carpet Radio – 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards

R5 attended Luc Robitaille‘s 2015 Celebrity Shootout, Today (January 25). The hockey game benefited Echoes of Hope. This event featured the NHL and Hollywood stars for a friendly game of hockey. Riker, Rocky, Ross and Ryland all hit the ice to participate in the game as Rydel and Ellington cheered from the stands. The final score was 13 to 10 with team Echoes winning. Riker and Rocky were on team Echoes and Ross and Ryland were on team Hope. Medium quality photos from the game and practice have been added to the gallery.


LRCSHG_WU_28129.jpg LRCSHG_WU_28229.jpg LRCSHG_WU_28329.jpg LRCSHG_WU_28429.jpg LRCSHG_WU_28529.jpg


LRCHG_28229.jpg LRCHG_28329.jpg LRCHG_28429.jpg LRCHG_28629.jpg LRCHG_28729.jpg



Written by Emily Sunday, January 25th, 2015 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on Luc Robitaille‘s 2015 Celebrity Shootout

R5 attended the 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday (November 30) in Hollywood, California. While backstage, Ross and the band took a picture with a cool looking puppy on a motorcycle. Ross even fanboyed over Prince. Check out the photos from our gallery.


459767504.jpg 459767870.jpg 459783092.jpg 459783112.jpg 459783136.jpg


459767506.jpg 459767502.jpg ross-lynch-r5-1.jpg ross-lynch-fangirl-over-prince-04.jpg ross-lynch-fangirl-over-prince-07.jpg

Written by Emily Sunday, December 7th, 2014 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade

R5 attended the 2014 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (November 23) in Los Angeles, California. Check out the videos and photos below.






rchq_28229.jpg rchq_28329.jpg rclq_28129.jpg rclq_28729.jpg rclq_28329.jpg


per_28129.jpg per_28229.jpg per_28329.jpg

Written by Emily Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 in appearances, performance, Photos with Comments Off on 2014 American Music Awards

R5 performed at Radio Disney’s Family VIP Birthday yesterday (November 22). The party was held at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. Check out the photos and videos below.



Heart Made Up On You
(I Can’t) Forget About You


Photo Call

459439752.jpg 459439758.jpg r5-radio-disney-birthday-performance-pics-11.jpg r5-radio-disney-birthday-performance-pics-22.jpg r5-radio-disney-birthday-performance-pics-15.jpg


15236751203_6e79d0e1c6_o.jpg 15668999810_45320bd312_o.jpg 15854538841_a427fcebb9_o.jpg 15856542335_468e4b761d_o.jpg 15668998610_6e52181133_o.jpg


459439798.jpg 459439798.jpg 459439798.jpg 459439798.jpg 459439798.jpg

Written by Emily Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 in appearances, performance, Photos with Comments Off on Radio Disney’s Family VIP Birthday

R5 attended the 6th Annual Family Day LA on November 16. While at the event, R5 performed their new single, “Smile” and “Things are Looking Up” from their album, Louder. Check out the photos and video below.




Things Are Looking Up



459084128.jpg 459090896.jpg 459090842.jpg 459109382.jpg 459109404.jpg


10339769_10150473764139949_1595974781644426813_n.jpg 10339769_10150473764139949_1595974781644426813_n.jpg 10339769_10150473764139949_1595974781644426813_n.jpg 10339769_10150473764139949_1595974781644426813_n.jpg 10339769_10150473764139949_1595974781644426813_n.jpg


10402745_10150473764119949_1318681543007250236_n.jpg 10402745_10150473764119949_1318681543007250236_n.jpg 10402745_10150473764119949_1318681543007250236_n.jpg 10402745_10150473764119949_1318681543007250236_n.jpg 10402745_10150473764119949_1318681543007250236_n.jpg

Written by Emily Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 in appearances, performance, Photos with Comments Off on T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day

R5 attended the Los Angeles premiere of Disney’s newest animated film, “Big Hero 6”. The event was held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on Tuesday (November 4). Photos of the band on the red carpet have been added to the photo gallery.

458411752.jpg 458423308.jpg ross-lynch-new-film-big-hero-6-premiere-06.jpg 458438176.jpg ross-lynch-new-film-big-hero-6-premiere-02.jpg

Written by Emily Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on Big Hero 6 Los Angeles Premiere

R5 attended a signing at Musimundo in Argentina on October 8. Over 100 photos of the band arriving, the signing, and leaving have been added to the photo gallery.


1~106.jpg 2~84.jpg


 1898279_10152348552370614_7784672613337936493_n.jpg 10671423_10152348570730614_4347314698267667879_n.jpg 10639678_10152348542500614_7672365039917903613_n.jpg 1525259_10152348562520614_5437993071327948852_n.jpg 1524834_10152399988986198_2867001815380464008_n.jpg



Written by Emily Sunday, October 26th, 2014 in appearances, Photos with Comments Off on Musimundo Signing
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