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japan interview

*sorry if the passage is hard to read. It is originally Japanese, and translated by Google*

Everyone member of (Earl Five) young rock band · R5 which to commemorate that debut album “LOUDER” (Louder) has become a launch in Japan, played a first visit to Japan. Wow, this band is a Relations band formed in one friend and brother and sister of four, are you served as a vocal, active as Austin Auditor popular drama broadcast in the Disney Channel of “Austin & Ally” It is a loss Lynch to be!

You’ve heard a wide variety of talk to them immediately.

Interview with Ross Lynch that played a first visit to Japan the other day? Is full of improvisation and laughter, the scene of “Austin & Ally” drama Behind the Scenes!

For “Austin & Ally”

– I think you are having very breath Ross of Austin officers, roller Ally role, Raini role of Trish, Calum of Des role, this four people in the drama. Shooting look out of the atmosphere like?

Ross: that while being friendly site very, professionalism is very high and everyone, so there are many study. Everyone, staff and cast while having a good sense of tension, and I are making a work to enjoy.

– Could you tell me if there is such as Behind the Scenes in the field?

There is a funny story: Ross. There is a scene that is Keiramu of Des officers, have to say jokes, because say the joke to come close to the amazing close up face, I had to lol too funny. I joke was funny, but of course, such as the words, such as the proximity of the distance of the face-to-face is really Okashiku~tsu. We’ve laughed to tears, there was that it was re-taken with redo everything from make-up.

– Des is asked to laugh always very eccentric, cast to it I was hilarious. About things now, such “Austin & Ally” is being broadcast all over the world, how do you feel?

And I think it’s very nice: Ross! How in some countries, since being broadcast in a language dubbed version of the country, plays with words that do not know what is his is very interesting to watch. Face is going to be known all over the world, how very strange feeling somehow.

– So, do you want to watch where to pay attention to the Japanese fans?

Ross: Because there are plenty of acting improvisation, I Notice there by all means. For example, in one episode that was supposed to be Trish to bytes cheese shop, Trish I was wearing a costume of cheese, but this I did not have to write the script. But I was supposed to be Let me do in Omoita~tsu suddenly, because you can. Because there is plenty in the program within the such, it be interesting to take a look!

– Do you have that Ross, also propose to oversee the acting is not in the script?

If there is a good idea as an opportunity, to sell to the director. Sometimes it becomes rejected Some time for me to like it of course, but because it thought four main cast also would like to try the coaching job and produce industry in the future, and pitched the idea to the director when there is a chance is out.

– Everyone of the members of the R5 Do you watch “Austin & Ally”? In addition, after everyone of members is to appear in the “Austin & Ally” if, do you want to play what role?

Sister in charge of the keyboard ,

Rydel: My mother being a Kake-ppanashi the Disney Channel always, I’ll have seen the “Austin & Ally” for example, when you enter the kitchen. If I was I would be appearing in this work, the role of sister or sister of Austin would be great. And I want to go out with Des!

Friends of the drum charge Ross family, Ratiff: I have also seen, of course. In fact, I was auditioned for “Austin & Ally” a few weeks ago. I was left to two people last boyfriend role of Trish, but I was fallen in the final selection. A pity.

It’s different unwillingly: Ross. Disney, in fact, I wanted to go with Ratliff. But Ratliff because it is already a member of the R5, I’ve decided to others.

The Ratliff: I knew the first time. But, to hear later that it has become what its role is completely different character and setting of the original, if, even if you did not give the role, I wonder if was supposed to result in the good-bye after all? I think also.

– Amazing inside story! Co-star Ross & Ratliff is it I did not may have been realized. Rocky and Riker How is?

Brother of lead guitar in charge, Rocky: are watching us as well of course. It is interesting you might say I and members a joke, R5 When the band appeared as a rival to the “Austin & Ally” well. And ask them to appear on both bands, when the members of R5, and ask them to disguise or whichever Nari beard wig to Ross!

– I’d love to watch it! It will climax absolute. Well, can you want to hear the loss, but also an actor, I would like to co-star in the drama, Do you have any artists that would like to co-star as R5?

Ross: I would like to co-star in the drama You’re still members. After, such as Peter Gabriel and Paul McCartney …

Members: No, no, artists who want to co-star’s the second question! Lol

Ross: feet feet (embarrassed smile). Artists who want to co-star as R5, “WALK THE MOON” and I believe I need a new band called, but sound pretty unique, I would like to co-star by all means.

I think the artist name of another to come up and also to ask the same question to the other members, but can have artists who have received the love and influence the genre each servants members, R5 opinion of five people become one Sound of’m been enhanced.

In a first visit to Japan everyone I love Japan! ? “Japanese fans powerful!” Super cute “really!”

Members “sushi, I love”, of R5, including Ross Lynch is showing off a number of Japanese freshly remember

– Members other than Ratliff, came to Japan that for the first time. With that said for the first time nearly Ratliff also because since coming to when young, can you tell us about your impression of Japan? Also, please tell me girl of Japan, the impression for the boy.

I think Japan is really great: Ross. I get tremendous energy from the fan. We did not expect to be a fan so powerful, and Japanese girls are very cool. “Cute!” “Super cute!” (After such as “cute”, it was me again said, “Oh, super cute!” In Japanese)

Rydel: What I think is gonna be very interesting interview with the Japanese media. It’s me waving interesting question from an interview with the American media. It’s us to such questions be answered we have fun! For boys of Japan, but there is no chance to see the boys of Japan still too unfortunately, but from the other members, I’ll have to say people of Japan ‘s large male fan from the United States. I’m surprised to it.

– You passed some time to come to Japan, did you eat something delicious what?

It was very delicious to eat tempura shrimp in much the day before yesterday: Ratorifu! I wonder what? The first thing out of his mouth was spicy was amazing. Small clothing sticks around, had a spider like!

– Shrimp sentiment? Fried? I Did you mean?

I ate after, also grilled chicken: Ratorifu! It was really delicious. Of just baked it skewers the chicken simply What the …, though it is a dish that can be very simple, I wonder why so much delicious! ?

Rydell: After, eating ramen, and I’ll also ate sushi! Everything was good anyway! I love to eat really! !

(Opening to members each)


“Sushi, soooo good!”

“I love sushi!”

(I ate also members. It was me tell the excitement for the taste of Japanese food in the Japanese of many, and the like each other was confirmed by members between? It ‘s was delicious also this,. Was not raised quite)

– Has been talking about the Japanese variety from just super cute, I love, such as sushi, but there any Japanese that I learned the other?

(Opening to members each)

, Everyone -?

Hello, cheers for good work is!

Thank you Thank you very much nice to meet you good morning (for example, many Japanese have gone out)

It’s still studying: Ross. But, a good word because each different members is large, the learning level is up by each other or tell me the words that you have forgotten.

Rydell: sometimes, I also to be competition or who you remember most!

– I wonder if will be showcased at the fan meeting in tonight, oh? Please do your best!

Thank you: Members! (Japanese)

If there is one true love “Go for it!”, It should aim over the best.

But are not limited to, those born in “When was preparing properly” Noto “chance” is fused well with “luck”.

A message that can be said simply because it is they’ve been many times the people of the effort! ?

– The people of Lynch family, and resolved to become an artist is absolutely future when young, and moved to LA from Colorado for the whole family, now, is why was realized the splendid dream, but the message to the young people of Japan chase dream Could you give us some?

Brother of base Contact · R5 leader Ross, Riker: If you have any that really want to do “Go for it” “Just work hard”, I’m should aim over the best it. The thing that originated from within their own world, I believe it comes back in the good sense to myself to fate. It is important to summon up the passion, and I strive to do my best. If luck than anyone else, since stand out that much, chance to show off also I spread from the world.

– Was struck chest. Although I ended up crying … but think.

Members: Oh ~! Yes! Thank you!

– What do the other are you?

Ratorifu: Riker is saying well, but it’s often said that from around lucky me I hope, but I wish we could I’m the effort of it.

Ross: I’m thinking, “luck” or the Tteyuu “Lucky” is, and I thing that is born when “was preparing properly” Noto “chance” has successfully fused.

One by one the words while being 19 years old average age, out of the mouth is very strong, R5 is the core through. It was the interview that it can be seen that each member is very respectful of the members other than your own. Here’s their own, but there is a different opinion is also a member. I think a good thing that, people can make 5 different simply because everyone I seemed to be common to all five.

In the future, in the “Austin & Ally”, co-starring and Ross members may realize! ?

I want to look forward to their success in the future.



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