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tour update

R5 has continued the first leg of the ‘Louder’ world tour. Photos from the performances and meet and greets have been added to the photo gallery. Click the thumbnails below to view the photos in the gallery.

Hamburg, Germany – February 16 (Performance)

HG_28129.jpg HG_282029.jpg HG_281629.jpg HG_28229.jpg

Hamburg, Germany – February 16 (Meet & Greet)

HG_MG_28129.JPG HG_MG_281929.JPG HG_MG_28229.JPG HG_MG_282829.JPG

Cologne, Germany – February 17 (Meet & Greet)

CG_MG_281129.JPG CG_MG_281229.JPG CG_MG_28129.JPG CG_MG_282029.JPG

Antwerp, Belgium – February 19 (Performance)

ANT_P_281029.jpg ANT_P_28429.jpg ANT_P_281229.jpg ANT_P_28229.jpg

Antwerp, Belgium – February 19 (Meet & Greet)

AB_MG_281129.JPG AB_MG_28229.JPG AB_MG_282229.JPG AB_MG_282929.JPG

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 20 (Performance)

AM_2.jpg AM_1.jpg AM_3.jpg no image

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 20 (Meet & Greet)

ATN_MG_2810329.JPG ATN_MG_2810829.JPG ATN_MG_2811529.JPG ATN_MG_28129.JPG

Munich, Germany – February 22 (Performance)

MUN__283329.jpg MUN__285229.jpg MUN__28529.jpg MUN__285029.jpg

Munich, Germany – February 22 (Meet & Greet)

MUNG_MG_28129.JPG MUNG_MG_282829.JPG MUNG_MG_282929.JPG MUNG_MG_282429.JPG

Milan, Italy – February 23 (Meet & Greet)

MI_MG_281029.JPG MI_MG_2810829.JPG MI_MG_2812629.JPG MI_MG_284129.JPG

Barcelona, Spain – February 25 (Meet & Greet)

BS_MG_281229.JPG BS_MG_282429.JPG BS_MG_282629.JPG BS_MG_28829.JPG

Madrid, Spain – February 26 (Performance)

MAD_PER__284529.jpg MAD_PER__282729.jpg MAD_PER__283629.jpg MAD_PER__28129.jpg

Madrid, Spain – February 26 (Meet & Greet)

MAD_MG_281729.JPG MAD_MG_28129.JPG MAD_MG_282329.JPG MAD_MG_283029.JPG

Paris, France – February 28 (Performance)

PF_4.jpg PF_2.jpg PF_1.jpg  PF_3.jpg

Paris, France – February 28 (Meet & Greet)

PAR_MG_2811129.JPG PAR_MG_2811229.JPG PAR_MG_2811529.JPG PAR_MG_2810229.JPG

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