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70 exclusive high quality photos from R5‘s music video, “Smile” have been added to the photo gallery.


041.jpg 032.jpg 012.jpg 067.jpg 019.jpg

Behind the Scenes

004.jpg 011.jpg 017.jpg 050.jpg 062.jpg

On Set

010.jpg 009.jpg 028.jpg 013.jpg 038.jpg

These photos were bought exclusively for R5Daily.net, so please do not steal credit.

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4 high quality photos from a new photo shoot have been added to the photo gallery. The photographer is unknown.  Check the photos out!

1~98.jpg 2~80.jpg 3~58.jpg 4~50.jpg

Gallery Link:

Photo Shoots > Photos > Unknown 2014

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R5 had a busy day on the set of their upcoming music video for the newest single, “Heart Made Up On You” (June 29). See photos of the band on the set and their impromptu photo shoot from the gallery below.

Behind The Scenes

1~97.jpg ab44dd9daca.jpg c697cb59f08.jpg c93cbea7923.jpg

Photo Shoot

1~96.jpg 3~56.jpg 4~49.jpg 6~37.jpg

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R5 is featured in France’s Melody Times Magazine July/August issue. Check out the scans and photos below from the gallery.

 Photo  Shoot

1~93.jpg 2~77.jpg 1~93.jpg 2~77.jpg


1~94.jpg 1~94.jpg 1~94.jpg 1~94.jpg

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R5 is featured in the July 2014 issue of Naked Magazine. Check out the scans and photo Shoot below.


page_50.jpg page_16.jpg page_57.jpg page_58.jpg

Photo Shoot

group_1.jpg riker~1.jpg backstage_5_U.jpg backstage_2.jpg

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R5 stopped by HMV in Manchester, England (June 19) for a signing. The band lined a table to sign the booklet from their album “Louder”. Photos from the event have been added to the photo gallery.


r5-ellington-ratliff-lost-voice-album-signing-03.jpg r5-ellington-ratliff-lost-voice-album-signing-03.jpg r5-ellington-ratliff-lost-voice-album-signing-03.jpg r5-ellington-ratliff-lost-voice-album-signing-03.jpg

Photo Call

HMV_PC_28129.jpg HMV_PC_28529.jpg HMV_PC_28329.jpg HMV_PC_28629.jpg


HMV_SIGNING_281229.jpg HMV_SIGNING_281429.jpg HMV_SINGING_2_28429.jpg HMV_SINGING_2_28329.jpg

Photo Shoot

Shirlaine_Forrest_2014_28129.jpg Shirlaine_Forrest_2014_28229.jpg Shirlaine_Forrest_2014_28329.jpg no-image-8

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R5 performed at the 2014 Kiss Concert on May 31, in Boston. The annual event was held by 108 Kiss FM. Check out the videos and photos below.




1~89.jpg 2~74.jpg 1~89.jpg 2~74.jpg




KISS_BS_28229.jpg KISS_BS_281029.jpg KISS_BS_281829.jpg KISS_BS_283229.jpg

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girls life mag

Ellington (Ratliff) and Rydel are featured in the April/May, issue of Girls Life Magazine. These two are representing R5 for “The Radio Disney Music Awards MVPs”.

Along with being featured in the magazine, Girls Life is letting you get to chat with Ellington and Rydel on Thursday, March 13.

Log on to Girls Life’s Facebook at 3pm PST/6pm EST. Post your questions for them in the chat thread and your question may get answered live!

1~75.jpg 1~75.jpg 1~75.jpg 1~75.jpg


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nkd mag

I think it’s safe to say that Naked Mag is part of the R5 Family! This is the bands second time being featured in the magazine. R5 was first in issue 19 and now they are back in issue 29. The band talks about the R5 Family in their featured article. There are also two photos from a recent photoshoot. Check out the HQ scans and the featured photoshoot.




  No Image-post No Image-post

Gallery Link:

Magazines > Naked Magazine > Issue 29
Photo Shoots > Photos > #40

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I have added 1 HQ photo and rearranged some photos to the photoshoot for “Louder”. Check them out!



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