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Picture Credit: Just Jared  Who got them from BackGrid USA



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“The bandmates of R5Riker Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch, and Rocky Lynch – pose for a group photo together while walking the red carpet at the 2016 Just Jared Halloween Party on Sunday (October 30) at Tenants of the Trees in Silver Lake, Calif.

Ross was joined by his girlfriend Courtney Eaton while Riker brought along girlfriend Savannah Latimer. Don’t you just love Ross and Courtney‘s Zorro costumes?!

Also in attendance at the party were Jake Paul, singers Jake Miller and Spencer Sutherland with Madison Iseman, and comedians Matt Rifeand Kevin Miles.

Guests at the event had a variety of Suja organic juices to choose from throughout the night!”

“Photos: Hagop Kalaidjian, Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com”


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R5 attended and performed at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, Today (April 25). High Quality photos from the event have been added to the gallery. Make sure to watch the RDMA’s tomorrow night (March 26) on Disney Channel at 8/7c.


RDMA_A2.jpg RDMA_A.jpg RDMA_A3.jpg RDMA_A5.jpg RDMA_A6.jpg


RDMA_C4.jpg RDMA_C1.jpg RDMA_C2.jpg RDMA_C3.jpg RDMA_C5.jpg


2.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg


2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg

*since this is currently happening, this post will be updated throughout the evening*

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The gallery has been updated with photos from appearances that R5 has made at events and award shows.

4th Annual Miss Santa Monica USA Pageant [Rydel] – March 15

MSM_untagged_28229.jpg MSM_untagged_28329.jpg MSM_W_28529.jpg MSM_untagged_28629.jpg MSM_untagged_28129.jpg

Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids Choice Awards (Arrivals) – March 27

KCA_a_28129.jpg KCA_a_28229.jpg KCA_GAT_28129.jpg KCA_GAT_28229.jpg KCA_GAT_28429.jpg

Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (Show) – March 28

KCA_SZ_28129.jpg KCA_SZ_28329.jpg KCA_SZ_28429.jpg 467991900.jpg 467991882.jpg

Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (Backstage) – March 28

KCA_BT_28129.jpg KCA_BT_28229.jpg

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards (Arrivals) – March 29

IHRA_AZ_28129.jpg IHRA_AZ_28429.jpg IHRA_AZ_28329.jpg IHRA_AZ_281329.jpg IHRA_AZ_281729.jpg

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards (Backstage) – March 29

IHRA_B_28129.jpg IHRA_B_28229.jpg

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R5 did a little gig at The Roxy Theater on March 4. They used the hashtag “R5HollywoodHang” to promote the event. Photos from the performance have been added to the gallery.

13252_837142106353220_6136487827610019001_n.jpg 16193_837141736353257_8399488854065812832_n.jpg 11014932_837142289686535_8591271057341677892_n.jpg 11041687_837142676353163_6148008731995018778_o.jpg 10376148_837142543019843_3289299253839560790_n.jpg

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A lot of photos of Riker at Dancing With the Stars rehearsals and out with Allison Holker have been added to the the photo gallery.  Each photo is from a different day, so hover over the photo to see the info!

Outside the Dancing With the Stars Dance Studio

riker-lynch-allison-holker-dwts-friday-practice-08.jpg riker-lynch-dwts-practice-monday-02.jpg 35_DWTS_28729.jpg 38_DWTS_281229.jpg 310_DWTS_282729.jpg ross.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-dwts-practice-after-rydel-tea-party-21.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-jive-romantics-song-revealed-13.jpg riker-lynch-takeover-jjj-dwts-07.jpg 3_14_281029.jpg ross-lynch-stops-by-riker-lynch-dwts-practice-15.jpg ross-lynch-teaches-riker-allison-holker-tb2-choreo-02.jpg 0314183015010_1_Riker2BLynch2BStars2BDWTS2BPractice2BBA_81M17enlx.jpg 467464858.jpg riker-lynch-rydel-cute-pic-walk-allison-holker-dwts-practice-34.jpg riker-lynch-hugs-kisses-fans-dwts-practice-27.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-hugs-late-night-dwts-practice-24.jpg Riker-Lynch_-Seen-at-DWTS-rehearsal-07.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-16.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-25.jpg riker-lynch-pirates-life-for-him-allison-holker-dwts-practice-30.jpg riker-lynch-rose-sweater-allison-holker-dwts-practice-24.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-misses-coachella-dance-friday-practice-40.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-meet-team-dwts-08.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-work-it-spring-break-dwts-song-12.jpg riker-lynch-rumer-willis-team-trouble-dwts-package-shoot-11.jpg
On the Dancing with The Stars Lot – March 16
4.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg
Outside the Dancing With the Stars Premiere Party – March 16
466582736.jpg 466582730.jpg 466582750.jpg 466582744.jpg 466582768.jpg
Teaching Allison Holker How to Surf in Ventura, CA – March 27
Riker-Lynch_-Teaches-Allison-Holker-To-Surf-01.jpg Riker-Lynch_-Teaches-Allison-Holker-To-Surf-02.jpg Riker-Lynch_-Teaches-Allison-Holker-To-Surf-03.jpg Riker-Lynch_-Teaches-Allison-Holker-To-Surf-04.jpg Riker-Lynch_-Teaches-Allison-Holker-To-Surf-05.jpg
At Walgreens with Allison Holker – April 1
riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-03.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-27.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-28.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-29.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-gdla-bandages-dwts-33.jpg
At Starbucks with Allison Holker – April 2
riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-02.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-04.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-01.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-06.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-starbucks-r5-video-date-10.jpg

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The photo gallery has been updated with photos of Riker at Dancing with the Stars events. Riker attended the Season 20 Celebrity Cast Announcement (stream live on Good Morning America) on February 24 where they announced he is partnered with Allison Holker.

Celebrity Cast Announcement

CCA_28429.jpg CCA_28129.jpg CCA_28229.jpg CCA_28329.jpg

Premiere Party

DWTS_PPg_28129.jpg DWTS_PPz_28129.jpg DWTS_PPjj_28229.jpg DWTS_PPg_28529.jpg DWTS_PPg_28229.jpg

Official Portraits

dancing-with-the-stars-season-20-official-photos-04.jpg riker-lynch-allison-holker-dwts-surfing-pics-01.jpg

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